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Start by writing an outline. How to write an outline - online resource for developing outlines.
Use the INSTRUCTIONS to create your outline. In the instructions I give a paragraph by paragraph breakdown of what needs to be written, with a number of suggestions that could be entries in the outline.

For example, the paragraphs which should talk about the family, the outline of my questions might look like this:

3. Family -
    A. Who was the first in the family line to rule?
    B. Did they build the castle or inherit it/conquer it from someone else?
           I. From whom?
    C. Did their descendents have power struggles – multiple children in line for power who fought each other             for control?

You can answer these questions in an outline format, which will help you to write the paragraphs later.

Fill in the details only after having an idea of where you want to go with the paper.

Here are links you can use for the research you need to do about Castles.

Castle Information Main Page - This page has a massive amount of information about castles. Below will be some links to parts of the page that you should look at for your Unit Project.

Parts of a Castle - this page has links describing all the parts of a castle. They explain what the various parts were used for - you can refer to this for the paragraph on describing the castle's design.

Concentric Castles - many of you have built Concentric Castles, which simply means "castle within a castle". This is the typical castle design we think of with an Outer Wall that is shorter than the Inner Walls/Keep, and is similar to the example castle from my tutorials. You can refer to this for information about the design choices used in your castle.

Wikipedia Pages on Castles:

    (more detailed version -

    (more detailed version -

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