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The tape measure is one of the most important tools we have - use it all the time! Whenever you want to line something up or make sure things are organized at a certain level, use a tape measure guideline.

After building the overall exterior shape of your design, use tape measure lines vertically to break down the individual floors so that you know how you can line up your windows, etc.

If your building will have the same exterior shape all the way up its height, it would be smart to build only one floor (or a small number of floors if you want to have a few different floor designs, windows, etc) and turn them into components to be copied vertically.

Designing your Apartment Building

The first part of this process should be the design and development of your apartment building. I would like you to use some of the 5 Points of Architecture that we learned while working on Ville Savoye.

    1. Building supported by a grid of columns - you are not required to have your building lifted off the ground on         columns and that is ok - but remember that your building will have a grid of columns supporting it from within

    2. Free Facade - you can design the exterior freely because it does not support weight

    3. Long Horizontal Windows - you can have lots of glass for your exterior facade as a result of it not supporting         weight, gives great views

    4. Open Floor Plan - the plan can be designed freely as well - we will build at least one floor of our apartment         building's interior plan. I will show you a technique

    5. Roof Garden - all roof areas should be intended to be used by the building residents, ideally with plants, etc

You must use at least TWO of these rules in your building. I will ask you to email me an image of your building when it is completed, and you will have to briefly describe which rules you have used.

*One thing you might want to think about is planning to create apartments with two levels - called a duplex - with stairs. There are interesting ways you can modify your building to remove wasted corridor space by using two level apartments - talk to me individually if you want to learn more about this. *

I want you to be creative in the design of this building, but please do not go TOO wild with it - we are trying to design Modern buildings.

Feel free to look for images of modern apartment buildings for inspiration - look for "le corbusier apartments" "bauhaus apartments" "international style apartments" "modern apartments" - you'll find there are some really interesting directions these buildings can take.

Determining the Size of the Building
We want to be careful not to make our buildings too large or too small. Our classroom is about 25' by 30' and would be reasonably sized for a 1 Bedroom apartment. Imagine two next to each other and you have about 50'. The grid boxes on the Master Plan were 50' x 50'. A large sized building would be around 100' x 150' and could have 10 or more apartments per floor in different configurations and sizes.

Each floor should be 10' or 12' high. To calculate the height you should use, simply multiply how many floors you would like to have by 10' or 12' depending on how high you want the ceilings to be - 12' or more makes the ceilings feel high in the apartments and usually contributes to a more comfortable feeling in the space. 120' would have 10 floors of 12' high, etc.

Designing the Interior
We will design and build at least ONE interior floor of our building after designing the exterior. I will show you a technique to get a slice out of the finished building that will allow you to build the interior. Then you will use a similar method as we used for Ville Savoye to design the apartments. I will demonstrate this over the next couple of days.

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