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Exporting Images from SketchUp

This page explains the process of exporting a 2D image of a view in SketchUp. This is a useful process because it allows us to create easily viewable images of our work without needing SketchUp to display it.

1. First, open your file and use Orbit and Zoom to get a view of your model that shows it from the best angle. You may need to play around with this until you get a great view. You want to keep in mind that it should just about fill your SketchUp window, because the final image will be of the entire display area in your SketchUp window.

2. Once you have a good view set up, go to the FILE MENU > Export > 2D Graphic.

3. After you click where it says 2D Graphic, a Save dialog box will come up. You should be very careful in naming your file so that it is clear what the image contains. For Unit Project 4 you want to name your file:

"Firstname Lastname Unit Project 4 - Design 1.jpg" for the first design, and for the second design, modify that to say "Design 2.jpg" at the end.

Then click Export and it will save the image to the documents folder.

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