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Building Terrain for your first Home

Once you have your first home model complete you want to create terrain for it to complete the model. As we move forward with our study of Frank Lloyd Wrights architectural theories we will be starting with the terrain first, then allowing the model to develop naturally from that. For now we want to create some terrain to match up with our home.

You should remember how to create terrain using the Freehand tool to draw curved shapes, pulling them up into space, and then scaling one of the top or bottom faces. This process can be repeated to create a hill. You can create multiple hills intersecting with each other to create a detailed terrain. But, since your house is a simple 1 story home without any level changes, you want to be sure that you have a nice flat piece of ground for it to sit on. Hills off to the side or surrounding the house are OK.

You also know how to use the SANDBOX tool. You can select DRAW> SANDBOX> FROM SCRATCH to create a new sandbox. Remember we use the TOOLS> SANDBOX> SMOOVE to create hills or valleys in the sandbox. You can enter the radius for the Smoove tool which will increase or decrease the area of effect of the tool (denoted by the circular yellowing of the points on the sandbox.)

Try to keep your terrain simple, but play around until you like how it looks.

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