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Scaling Materials:

Generally you have been applying materials (textures, like brick, water, etc) to parts of your castle, but they have been too small to see when you zoom out all the way, like in the picture below.

What you really want to see looks like this:

You can actually see the individual bricks.

To get the materials to be the proper scale so you can see them on your object, we need to first choose the material, duplicate it, then edit some properties.

1. First we need to open the materials window. Go to the Window Menu > Materials.  Click on the Brick at the top of the window to get to the materials section. Click on the dropdown menu next to the little house (in this picture it says Brick and Cladding) and go to the desired section. I am going to demonstrate how to edit the material for one type of brick, which I think looks really great on a castle. It is the grey brick shown in the picture below.

2. Right click on the image of the material you want to edit, and select DUPLICATE. we want to edit a COPY of the material so the original stays intact.

3. A little window will come up that asks you to name it. Generally you can just use the format they give you, which is "Color_Name copy". (when I say "Color_Name" here, I mean the name of the color/material that is given by the program. Do not change the name of the color/material to "Color_Name"

4. Double click on the new material. Make sure it says "Color_Name copy" where it says "Name" in the Edit Material section. You may want to try a few different scales, but for this particular material, I liked how Width 30' and Height 30' looked on my castle. You may have to click the little chain icon next to those boxes to allow you to enter in the sizes you want.

5. After you do this, you can use the Paint Bucket (B) to paint your castle. You can repeat this for any materials you want to use. Just be sure to DUPLICATE the material first, and edit the duplicated material. Then be sure to select the DUPLICATED material as opposed to the original one when you are using the paint bucket.

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