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Semester Project Instrucions

For the semester project you will be creating a set of detailed step by step instructions on how to build a model in SketchUp.

You will find the model here: semestermodel.skp

Download it and examine it carefully. Use the Tape Measure to figure out exact sizes. Make sure to note which objects are groups or components (hint: everything should be a separate group - the main box for the house, the roof, the windows, the door).

You will write detailed instructions on how to build the model. Imagine that you are creating a document similar to the ones I create for you. You do not have to add images in the way I do, just write out every step one by one as detailed as possible.

For example:

"1. Build a rectangle that is 30',40'. Pull that up into space 12'. Select that object and turn it into a group."

In my model I have windows and a door. The window was created once, turned into a component, and copied around the model. If you go to the View Menu > Guides you will see the guidelines I used to copy the windows around.

Important commands and terms that you should be using in your instructions:

If you wish to add images, you can make a screenshot of your SketchUP window by pressing on your keyboard
"Command-Shift-3" (press and hold the Command button and the shift button, then press the number 3), and it will take a snapshot of your screen and save that to your desktop. Then you can drag the picture from your desktop into a Word document and resize it. I can demonstrate this for you. If you add images you will recieve additional points.

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