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Unit Project 4 – Organic Architecture                    Due: March 14th, 2011, presentations March 16th
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For our Unit Project for the 4th Marking Period, we will be designing a project following the Six Principles of Organic Architecture we discussed.

    1. The belief that a building should appear to grow easily from its site
    2. Choosing one dominant form for a building and integrating that form throughout
    3. Using natural colors
    4. Revealing the nature of materials – building materials are expressed in their true form
    5. Opening up spaces – both inside and out, spaces flow naturally
    6. Providing a place for natural foliage (plants and trees).

You will choose one of three different terrain options to design our building on – Woodlands, Beachfront, or Mountainside.

You will create TWO different design options to submit as Design Schemes.

You create a design analysis document that will explain how each design fulfills at least 4 of the principles of Organic Architecture in 2-3 sentences each.  After you produce your two designs, you will discuss them with a colleague to get feedback and help you decide which design you prefer and wish to take further. You will choose one of them to develop it into a complete design. You will detail that model to the best of your ability, adding components as necessary.

Finally, you will prepare a presentation of your building as if you were going to present to a client.
Project Timeline:

•    3/07 - Monday – Introduction to Project – choose terrain, begin development of the preliminary designs
•    3/08 - Tuesday – Continue working on preliminary designs
•    3/09 - Wednesday – Finish preliminary designs, complete Design Analysis documents, submit images of designs                     and the DA document today for credit on part 1 of project
•    3/10 - Thursday – 10 minutes – confer with colleague over designs and choose one to take forward, work on                         the final design
•    3/11 – Friday – Continue working on your final design

•    3/14 – Monday – Finalize model of your design to be sent in to me.
•    3/15 – Work on presentation of building to a prospective client – I will provide guidelines for this
•    3/16 – Break out into groups to present to each other as though we were clients

Here are the three terrain options: (right click the red link to download, SAVE AS "Firstname Lastname Unit Project 4")







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